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Version: 3.6

Read Replica Connections

Users can specify multiple read connections via replicas option. You can provide only fields that differ from master connection, rest will be taken from it.

const orm = await MikroORM.init({
entities: [Author, ...],
dbName: `my_database`,
type: 'mysql',
user: 'master_user',
host: 'master_host',
replicas: [
{ name: 'read-1', host: 'read_host_1', user: 'read_user' },
{ name: 'read-2', host: 'read_host_2' }, // user omitted, will be taken from master connection

By default select queries will use random read connection if not inside transaction. You can specify connection type manually in em.getConnection(type: 'read' | 'write').

const connection = orm.em.getConnection(); // write connection
const readConnection = orm.em.getConnection('read'); // random read connection

const qb1 = orm.em.createQueryBuilder(Author);
const res1 = await'*').execute(); // random read connection

const qb2 = orm.em.createQueryBuilder(Author, 'a', 'write');
const res2 = await'*').execute(); // write connection

const qb3 = orm.em.createQueryBuilder(Author);
const res3 = await qb3.update(...).where(...).execute(); // write connection

// all queries inside a transaction will use write connection
await orm.em.transactional(async em => {
const a = await em.findOne(Author, 1); // write connection = 'test'; // will trigger update on write connection once flushed