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Version: 3.6

Using Multiple Schemas

In MySQL and PostgreSQL it is possible to define your entities in multiple schemas. In MySQL terminology, it is called database, but from an implementation point of view, it is a schema.

To use multiple schemas, your connection needs to have access to all of them (multiple connections are not supported).

All you need to do is simply define the table name including schema name in collection option:

@Entity({ tableName: '' })
export class Foo { ... }

@Entity({ tableName: '' })
export class Bar { ... }

Then use those entities as usual. Resulting SQL queries will use this tableName value as a table name so as long as your connection has access to given schema, everything should work as expected.

You can also query for entity in specific schema via EntityManager, EntityRepository or QueryBuilder:

const user = await em.findOne(User, { ... }, { schema: 'client-123' });

To create entity in specific schema, you will need to use QueryBuilder:

const qb = em.createQueryBuilder(User);
await qb.insert({ email: '' }).withSchema('client-123');