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Version: 2.7


For development purposes it might come handy to enable logging and debug mode:

return MikroORM.init({
logger: console.log.bind(console),
debug: true,

By doing this MikroORM will start using provided logger function to dump all queries:

[query-logger] SELECT `e0`.* FROM `author` AS `e0` WHERE `e0`.`name` = ? LIMIT ? [took 2 ms]
[query-logger] START TRANSACTION [took 1 ms]
[query-logger] INSERT INTO `author` (`name`, `email`, `created_at`, `updated_at`, `terms_accepted`) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?) [took 2 ms]
[query-logger] COMMIT [took 2 ms]

It is also useful for debugging problems with entity discovery, as you will see information about every processed entity:

ORM entity discovery started
- processing entity Author
- using cached metadata for entity Author
- processing entity Book
- processing entity BookTag
- entity discovery finished after 13 ms