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· 16 min read
Martin Adámek

The next major version of MikroORM has been just released. The title says: Stricter, Safer, Smarter – why?

  • Greatly improved type safety (e.g. populate and partial loading hints)
  • Auto-flush mode (so we never lose in-memory changes)
  • Automatic refreshing of loaded entities (say goodby to refresh: true)
  • Reworked schema diffing with automatic down migrations support
  • and many many more...

This time it took almost a year to get here – initial work on v5 started back in March 2021.

· 13 min read
Martin Adámek

After 4 months of active development, I am thrilled to announce the release of MikroORM 4. When I started to work on v4, the goal was to make it relatively small release, mainly to drop support for TypeScript 3.6 and Node.js 8, and to split the project into multiple packages, so we can have more fine grained control over the dependencies (mainly because of ts-morph having TS as a runtime dependency).

But what a major release would that be, without having a bunch of new features as well, right?